Albion is currently working on a new album: Hearts and Butterflies. This is the second
unreleased album (2014). The first unreleased album was The New NoaH (2007),
(4 videos shown below). In time the Hearts and Butterflies album will be completely
finished and published on this site. A few songs are already available (see playlist below).
Sunday In September is about Paul's youth as an adopted child
and pays tribute to his father who died in 2012 and his mother who died in 2014.
God Knows My Name is about a children's psychiatric ward;
members of staff and children don't know what their day will bring.
In The Middle Of Something is about drugabusers who do not yet see the light.
Nothing There Today is about devastating situations in the field, where hunger and pain rule.
While we sleep comfortably every night, babies and children all over the world don't make it.
Action is needed. Do not turn your back.
See for helping plans in your neighbourhood.
Or contact the Leading help organizations.
Help them.

The New NoaH (first album)

01 God Knows My Name
02 In The Middle Of Something
03 This World Can Be So Beautiful
04 The New NoaH
05 Sunday In September
06 Nothing There Today
07 God Knows My Name (karaoke version)

Hearts and Butterflies (second album)

01 Wake Me When The Sun Shines
02 The Pretty Time Line
03 She Said Make It A Song
04 Home Is Here
05 The Goodbye Horizon
06 Time For Everything
07 Heart Feels Like Night
08 Wake Me When The Sun Shines (revisited)
09 Time After Time
10 The Little Feet

More to come soon...

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